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Learn more about Alameda Health Care District’s pursuit of top-notch health care and our ongoing commitment to improvement by reviewing archived reports detailing annual audits, bylaws, and more.

District Documents

Quality care and patient safety have always been our top priorities. Take a look through our archives and learn more about our longstanding commitment to improving healthcare.

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City of Alameda Health Care District Annual Audit FYE June 30, 201712.78 MB10307-10-201907-10-2019 Download
City of Alameda Health Care District Bylaws January 18, 2016132.98 KB5307-10-201907-10-2019 Download
City of Alameda Health Care District Operating Budget FY 2017-2018324.48 KB6107-10-201907-10-2019 Download
District Ballot Measure A 542.87 KB4909-03-201909-03-2019 Download